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 Wild vs. Blues - 3/26/2011

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PostSubject: Wild vs. Blues - 3/26/2011   Wild vs. Blues - 3/26/2011 I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 27, 2011 12:34 am

Wild vs. Blues post-game and much more...

Wild lose 8th straight as Minnesota get scorched 6-3 at home

Written by Derek Felska | 26 March 2011

As I took in a late lunch at the local Chinese restaurant the usual post-meal treat is the fortune cookie. As the tradition goes (from what I've been told) take the fortune cookie and split it in half, remove the fortune and eat the entire cookie before reading it. My partner in crime also joined me for lunch and our fortune's were as follows: "Let there be magic in your smile and firmness in your handshake" and "Make big plans." I am not even sure what that means for tonight's game between the Minnesota Wild and the St. Louis Blues. Perhaps "making big plans" is a reference for the team to start planning its off-season moves and the Entry Draft? Perhaps "Let there be magic in your smile and a firmness in your handshake" is a reference to the team's ownership attempting to restore the faith of Wild season ticket holders by offering a price freeze if they renew their tickets soon. Perhaps it means nothing at all, after all its just a fortune cookie. Heck, if it would help the team get out of its current funk I'd consider a tarot card reading, calling the Psychic Friends Network (yes I know its no more), or even consulting a Magic 8-Ball although I'd fear it would simply tell me "Reply Hazy, try again" or "Ask again later."

It could be worse the Magic 8-Ball could say, "Outlook not so good," or "My sources say no" and "Very doubtful." I know the Wild's playoff chances are virtually non-existent but this team could use a dose of luck so it can at least finish the season with a little positivity over its last 7 games. Everyone needs a little hope, and for Wild fans its no different as they agonize over the direction of the season on the Wild.com message board. So can Minnesota reverse the slide or will misery have more company after tonight's tilt between the Wild and the Blues? (click on the link for the rest of the article)

Not much good you can say other than I am glad I didn't buy tickets to this game. The players sounded pretty dejected as they should. I notice there were no comments from the captain, apparently he didn't want to hear from the negative media. The long meeting after the game seems a bit late in my opinion. There is a prospect report featuring Brett Bulmer and a NCAA Men's Hockey rundown of the games. Enjoy!
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Posts : 271
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Wild vs. Blues - 3/26/2011 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wild vs. Blues - 3/26/2011   Wild vs. Blues - 3/26/2011 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 29, 2011 11:47 pm

Wild vs. Blues post-game and more

Wild end 8-game losing streak with 3-2 shootout win on the road in St. Louis

Written by Derek Felska | 28 March 2011

Spring break, a time for many people to relax or go on a vacation to be away from the last vestiges of winter if you live in the Upper Midwest like I do. It used to seem so fun back when I was in college, more or less free time to go do as you wish as you try to re-energize before the final push of the Spring semester of final exams and projects. More often than not the good times were so good that they left you wishing you had another week to recover. Once you get older though, Spring Break doesn't seem nearly as fun as it simply is an opportunity to sleep in and be lazy. For many, they're probably saying "What Spring Break?!?!" For myself, Spring Break means the start of tennis practice. With most of my team attending a band trip, it means putting 3 players through their paces in what better resembles private lessons than a team practice. I wonder if the Wild are looking for a break, or a break from practices? Their coach Todd Richards certainly seems to be looking forward to the break giving the team a day off after getting beaten 8-1 by Montreal just a week and a half ago. Although after the extended post-game rant after another embarrassing one-sided home defeat at the hands of the Blues on Saturday may make both coaches and players wish they were someplace away from the arena. Yet its not all about guys wanting to leave; this time of year it can be about the team adding players.

Last year it was push to try to woo California-born phenom Casey Wellman to come to the Wild after being a stud at the University of Massachusetts. Minnesota was determined to win that race for Wellman's services, as General Manager Chuck Fletcher met with the youngster to convince him of the great opportunities that would be involved in playing for the Wild. This year is no different as he voyages back to Massachusetts in an attempt to try to convince coveted skilled Merrimack sophomore forward Stephane DaCosta. The native of Paris, France is one of the top scorers in Hockey East with 14 goals, 45 points and 42 penalty minutes in 33 games. Not a big player at just 5'10", 185lbs, DaCosta has great speed and excellent hands and is not afraid to handle the puck in high traffic areas. No doubt Fletcher will attempt to promote the Wild as an ideal opportunity since there are so few young skilled forwards in the team's prospect system. Having seen DaCosta play in the NCAA regional against Notre Dame, he's certainly a dangerous player who reminds me a lot of Andy McDonald who was another undrafted college player of similar stature and adding more skill is never a bad thing. Meanwhile the Wild have another game to play against St. Louis who has rebuilt itself rather well via the draft and why it won't mean the playoffs this season they look like they have lots of good young talent in their system. So will the Wild give DaCosta a victory to consider or will they lose their 9th straight? (click on the link for the rest of the article)

Sigh, glad to see the streak is over, but it was not a real good game. It looked like a pre-season game out there. In addition to the post-game report I have a prospect feature, and a NCAA Men's Hockey Tournament preview. Enjoy!
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Wild vs. Blues - 3/26/2011
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