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 Wild vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 4/2/2011 - Official GDT

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Wild vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 4/2/2011 - Official GDT Empty
PostSubject: Wild vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 4/2/2011 - Official GDT   Wild vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 4/2/2011 - Official GDT I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 5:37 pm

Wild vs. Lightning post-game and more

A few lapses in effort hurt Wild in 3-1 loss at home to the Lightning

Written by Derek Felska | 01 April 2011

I have to admit, I hate matinee games. I know for families they can be nice so you don't keep the kids up so late. Although as a fan of a team who is in the Central timezone playing in a division which spans into the Pacific timezone I am used to stying up fairly late to watch the Wild play. Its not always the best thing for work the next day, but it is something I expect. I just find it tough to get pumped for a game that starts at 1PM. I like the day-long build up of expectation and excitement culminating into an 7-9PM start. Yet on a nice day outside, and I am inside watching a game it feels as if something has been stolen from me. I know the league tries to offer a smattering of games throughout the day in an effort to capture viewership all day long, so I guess its the Wild's turn to start early. There is another caveat as the Wild play another matinee game tomorrow against the Detroit Red Wings. Ick.

The Wild in the past had admitted they're not a big fan of matinee games either and when you prepare most days for games that start in the evening it effects your schedule. For many players that is a routine of meals, naps and pre-game stretching rituals that make an individual feel confident they'll be at their best. I think all people are sensitive to their routines, and disruptions seem to make day just feel wrong. C'mon, we all know an older relative who insists on specific times for meals, etc. They're simply set in their routines. Will the Wild be able to make the proper adjustment to their routines to earn a win or will Tampa Bay who plays more matinee games throughout the course of their season show Minnesota fans what all the hype is about this team from Southwestern Florida? (click on the link for the rest of the game)

Not bad effort deserving of a better fate in my opinion. Just not enough shots at the right times in the game. There is a complete post-game plus a prospect run down and a Houston Aeros report too. Enjoy!
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Wild vs. Tampa Bay Lightning 4/2/2011 - Official GDT
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