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 10 Reasons to keep watching Hockey in May if you're a Wild fan

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10 Reasons to keep watching Hockey in May if you're a Wild fan Empty
PostSubject: 10 Reasons to keep watching Hockey in May if you're a Wild fan   10 Reasons to keep watching Hockey in May if you're a Wild fan I_icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2011 10:45 pm

10 Reasons

10 Reasons to care about hockey in May if you're a Wild fan

Written by Derek Felska | 08 May 2011

I know it may not be the best time to talk about hockey in Minnesota. For most, with a few exceptions of Spring leagues most hockey in Minnesota is over and done with. Spring sports of soccer, baseball, track, golf and tennis are in full swing and just this weekend anglers joined the club as it was the fishing season opener. Heck, the sun finally emerged this weekend after a bizarre spring that made people think it was late fall rather than the prelude to summer. I don't blame people for wanting to get out and enjoy it; the wait has been at least a month longer than normal. Yet I would argue there still are some compelling reasons to keep following hockey. I am not saying that you should plant yourself in front of the TV instead of enjoying the outdoors. Not in the slightest; go ahead and grill, relax with an ice cold beverage on your deck, go and walk around your neighborhood, bike, hike, etc to your heart's content. I am just saying when the sun goes down and the mosquitoes come out; there is likely some compelling hockey stories to be had that are deserving of any Minnesota Wild fan's attention.

Sure, there is always the Twins but are their struggles driving you crazy yet? The Major League season is far from being over but do you really want to spend a lot of time being frustrated over the fact that the team's big money men Joe Mauer is hitting a paltry .235 or Justin Morneau's even uglier .202 average? I know I am a bit tired of hearing about the Twins' troubles. So before there really is no hockey at all, why not ignore the problems of the Twins and embrace the intense action on the ice still going on. Here are 10 reasons why Wild fans should still be following hockey in mid-May. For a greater dramatic effect we will start with our 10th best reason and move to our top reason for Wild fans to be excited about hockey in May. (click on the link for the rest of the article)

I hope you guys are following the Aeros as they advance to the Western Conference finals after beating Milwaukee tonight. How bad must it feel for Blake Geoffrion and Matt Halischuk for being eliminated two nights in a row!
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10 Reasons to keep watching Hockey in May if you're a Wild fan
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