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 Wild vs. Blue Jackets - 3/19/2011

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Wild vs. Blue Jackets - 3/19/2011 Empty
PostSubject: Wild vs. Blue Jackets - 3/19/2011   Wild vs. Blue Jackets - 3/19/2011 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 19, 2011 5:44 pm

Wild vs. Blue Jackets post-game and more

Defensive breakdowns hurt Wild in back and forth 5-4 overtime home loss to Columbus

Written by Derek Felska | 19 March 2011

Sibling rivalry, the pleasant way of describing wars between brothers, sisters. It can be subtle from one sibling feeling less favored than another or it can be direct with a fusillade of insults or physical abuse to let the other sibling know you may be related but you're a bitter rival. Growing up with a brother, we had more than our share of battles. Luckily for me I was older and physically much bigger and stronger so the battles were usually pretty one sided. Many of the battles were over issues of respect, and if I felt he was being a little too confident I felt compelled to put him in his place. Like any younger sibling he was adept at playing the victim when it was to his advantage and I have little doubt he took a little joy at the scoldings I'd receive from my parents. That's all apart of the sibling rivalry right? This is sort of what the relationship has been between expansion siblings Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets. There is no playoff history between them and yet both clubs seem to ratchet up their animosity for one another. Both teams find themselves virtually out of the playoff race so all they have is their mutual dislike of one another and is the perfect environment for another chippy contest.

According to Kent Youngblood of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota's lineup is not supposed to be any different than it was in their game against the San Jose Sharks on Thursday evening. Expect sparks to fly early as both teams may not have a good chance to make the playoffs but they are in need of every point in addition to wanting to get the best of their rival. The outcome may not be consequential at all, but this game is likely about pride more than anything else. Just as I mentioned about my brother, sometimes it wasn't about anything they did as it is about putting them in their place. The Wild have had the better overall franchise record and that has been a constant source of irritation for Columbus and its fans, but its time to put them back in their place. Will Minnesota be able to put its sibling in its proper place (behind them) or will the Blue Jackets get the best of them this afternoon? (click on the link for the rest of the article)

Tough loss to swallow, but with the way we played defensively we didn't deserve it. There is a full post-game as well as prospect report featuring Colton Jobke and Josh Caron as well as WCHA Men's Hockey Final Preview. Enjoy!
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Wild vs. Blue Jackets - 3/19/2011
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